Working with Laura Furtado- Testimonals

I love helping people become successful… in business and life.  Whether that be through teaching, speaking or consulting small businesses or corporate, I have much education, experience and inspiration to share.  Here is what others have experience while working with me:

  • Before working with Laura, I was really overwhelmed, stressed beyond maxed and wanted to just give up! I knew if I wanted to take my business to the next level I needed help and I knew Laura would be the one to help. After just a few sessions, I had a new found hope that my business still had hope on surviving. We have been working one on one and I feel enlightened by her expertise, knowledge, wisdom and passion in helping women build their dream empire. I am happy I took the leap of faith and because of that I am in a better place and looking forward to growing with my business. Thank you Laura for everything. I can’t thank you enough for helping me realign me with my goals and guiding me in the right direction.
    Michelle Soares- Leadership & Empowerment Coach
  • Laura’s VIP mastermind is exactly what the title says – Very Important People coming together to learn how to master their mind and money: I loved every minute of it! Laura has so much knowledge and amazing information to share from her years of experience as an entrepreneur and hours of self taught financial education.  I think Laura is an exemplary role model who walks her talk and feel that this seminar is something every woman should invest in. It’s so empowering to know that all of us with some time, money and effort can do the same thing!  This was definitely one of the best investments I could have done with my time and money.  I left feeling inspired to take control of my finances and keep learning more so that I can one day live a life of financial freedom.  My bank account thanks you Laura!
    Briggite Grenier- Founder/Owner of Cheer Body
  • When we first reached out to Laura to see if she would be willing to give a talk about leadership to a young and unknown NFP organization, we thought she might say thanks but no thanks. Instead, she worked with us to understand our vision and objectives for the event and as a result helped us to achieve a very successful event.  Laura was engaging, knowledgeable and very professional throughout and we would be thrilled to work with her again.

    Jihee- Korean Professional Women’s Association

  • Working with Laura has been amazing – the perfect balance of business, professionalism, knowledge, engagement, and friendship and fun.  She radiates such a positive energy and works with such enthusiasm and passion.  I have learned a ton about leadership, business strategy and finance from her – she is a wealth of information!  She is also a fabulous role model on how to mesh business and pleasure – developing her successful business while getting to work alongside and collaborate with her friends and amazing women.  I am so happy to have partnered with her on the Divas Abroad initiative!

    Jill- Dare to Be a Dandellion, Owner

  • My experience working with Laura has been greatly positive. She provides clear and candid insight on ways to improve my business. She’s in touch with women to a degree that is astounding. She understands how to help my business reach its targets by setting clear and attainable goals.
    Erika-Mari0 Founder, X & O Hair
  • When Laura and I met, one of the first things that I could sense was that this woman would absolutely change my life – and she has! Laura reminds everyone around her of their inner power and their ability to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. In the few years that I’ve known her, she’s helped me learn how to finally get a handle on my finances, mentored me while launching a second business, and taught me a ton about networking, self-promotion, and having multiple income streams. She uplifts everyone around her!
    Lisa-Simone Richards- Vitality PR
  • Laura Furtado is an entrepreneurial force, who combines business savvy with connective heart. My interaction with her as a speaker and collaborator has been tremendous. She is openly honest and transparent, understands the need for hustle and is still willing to invest in people and giving back. As a huge proponent of heart-leadership I truly value that in her.
    Bobby Umar- TedX Speaker
  • Laura is a treat to work with. Her contribution to Girls Talk was heartfelt, inspiring, motivating and constructive. She was well prepared and very professional. Laura embodies female empowerment, her insights carry great value and I’m extremely appreciative to to have had Laura’s involvement in the national video campaign for Girls Talk.
    Channa Bromley- Founder of Girls Talk
  • Laura is a force of greatness! Her passion, energy and wisdom will inspire you to create your best life.
    Leanne Jacobs- Leadership & Empowerment International Speaker
  • I met with Laura for some coaching and found her to immediately zero in on the first steps that needed to be attacked!  She gave me great follow up activities and I ha e been implementing the “do things” that she suggested with great success!  She was sensitive but firm – the perfect combination, and she has “been there, and done that”, so she knows how to relate to any stage having started from the bottom up!  I highly recommend Laura for anyone looking to move forward in their business and personal lives.
    Susan Evoke- Aspiring Entrepreneur
  • I have known and had the pleasure of working with Laura Furtado periodically over the past 8 years.  She’s innovative, dedicated and community- oriented. Watching her work from idea to execution has been wonderful to see over the years as she continues to launch ground breaking concepts that help to close gaps, open doors and bridge women together. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by Laura’s energy and always a pleasure to be a part of her events.
    Reshmi Chetram Davé- Director, Reshmi Network
  • I joined Sexy and Wealthy in Heels 2 years ago. I have known Laura Furtado now for 6 years. Working with Laura, you are a part of a community, respect and integrity. Laura is very supportive with her team and always willing to lend support to other business entrepreneurs.  I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with Laura not only as a business entrepreneur and also proud to call her a friend.
    Melaine Fry- Sexy & Wealthy in Heels
  • I had attended Laura’s Money Management for Ladies interactive course.  It was informative and extremely inspiring to see other strong women have their finances in control. This is something that I’m continuously working on to improve. I used to be one of those women who turned a blind eye to my finances. But now I’m hungry to learn and take back control. And I have to thank you for spreading the message.  Your passion inspires me to do more! 🙂
    Anchelaa Thiru- Wellness Coach
  • Empowering. Engaging. Enlightening.  Laura’s Money Management for Ladies workshop should be mandatory for all women. It is so important that we have an intimate relationship with our finances so that we can achieve our best possible lives. I took away so much useful information and it definitely put me in the right mindset with respect to my money.  Thank you Laura for putting together this incredible workshop! I will be attending all your future Money Management courses! 
    Vishala Ramoutar- Aspiring Entrepreneur

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