Why Ladies Heart DivaGirl!

I love working with women… especially when I have the opportunity to inspire, educate and help make them fabulous on the inside and out.  I fell in love with a letter than our formal Social Media Co-ordinator, Julia Gallo, wrote for us; why ladies love working with the DivaGirl community!  Thank you Julia- I appreciate your kind words! xx

“I came to DivaGirl as a young twenty-four year old girl in the midst of a life transition. Like most young people fresh out of college I was tired of my major and what being in it’s field contained. I decided to throw it all out the window and rather start working for a company I believed in, that I felt I could learn and grow further from instead of being tied to the obsession of having a business title.

I learned of DivaGirl from attending a Chic-A-Boom Room show which was an amazing introduction to tasteful burlesque, and a small portion of all it is Laura does with DivaGirl to unleash a women’s sexy within. I was attracted to the confidence in embracing sexuality the dancers contained yet still seeming so tasteful and womanly and Laura as a friendly, enthusiastic, professional woman who seems to have it all figured out. I later starting interning with an affiliate brand as part of the marketing team then was almost immediately transferred to DivaGirl Inc. as a Social Media Marketing/ Member Intern then Social Media Coordinator. I learned much about the art of advertising online, selling strategies and techniques and the beauty of being an entrepreneur. I was also able to let out my creativity and love for writing something that had been numbed by limiting positions in the past. Laura as a boss was the best you could ever ask for. She allows you to work freely in the comfort of your own space, is honest and open to ideas you bring to the table allowing you to shine in a trusting fashion, and continuously provides further opportunities within her business for you to learn, grow and develop your skills. She pays much attention to who is a fit for her brand specifically and trains fit individuals accordingly so as a DivaGirl you’re always learning something new, an amazing experience for me. Above being given countless opportunities within DivaGirl I was able to meet women with interesting businesses I would have never known about simply due to being a part of the community. Of these women I’ve also been given job opportunities with one specifically being with a Television Channel simply through networking with DivaGirl. The opportunities within the community are endless.

Last, and most importantly DivaGirl has taught me how to embrace myself as a woman, be proud of who I am, my talents, abilities, and basically everything that makes me, me! Anything I have ever been afraid to unleash within myself in fear I may look too different has disappeared and I can truthfully say I have come out as a better, stronger, more self assured woman from being a part of DivaGirl thus far. It’s close to impossible to not become a more confident women with DivaGirl, whether it be working with the brand, attending an event, show, or workshop it’s almost like female empowerment is in the air and infectious in the best way possible.

I would recommend anything DivaGirl touches to every women of all walks of life and age brackets who want to live happy being free to be the woman that they are and come away with a little more shine in their step. I would also recommend working with DivaGirl to any woman who wants to work in a positive, engaging, uplifting environment adding new and different experiences to their resume. You’ll also learn the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur and  the tools needed to be your very own boss one day too! Much love to Laura and DivaGirl with everything and anything she dreams up!”


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