Are you looking at adding value to your work environment?  Would you like to educate and inspire your corporate work team?  Wanting to add some “fun” and interaction with your group of friends?  If so, consider booking Laura Furtado to a seminar or corporate lunch n’ learn to improve healthy and profitability.


Laura Furtado is available to chat about the following topics:

  • Becoming an Empowered Woman: Empowerment is increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or strength of oneself.  In order to be an empowered woman, you must feel fabulous physically, socially and mentally.  We review tips on how you can strive to be an empowered female and create a positive and well lifestyle in the process.
  • Becoming Divalicious- Feeling Radiant Physically, Socially & Mentally: To become a true “diva,” you must feel fabulous physically, socially and mentally.  Learn what you can do to feel amazing on the inside and out, and how to have fun in the process.
  • Brand U: in this seminar, we discuss the importance of marketing and how proper processes are crucial to sell your product/service your brand experience.  We explore promotional techniques and perfect personal branding, to essentially, make your brand money.  Get ready for some serious branding… in heels.
  • Building an Empire and Having Fun Doing It: Being a business owner is a lifelong process.  Find out the top list of things to consider to turn your business (or soon to be venture) into an empire… and have fun in the process!  You are in charge of your own destiny so why not go BIG?
  • Creating Your Perfect Social Circle- How to Effective Network: Leverage is a great way build your business.  To be a successful business owner, you need to surround yourself with successful and motivating individuals.  Are you conducting business and growing your brand with the RIGHT people?  Find out how to successfully meet new people that will HELP YOU build your business in the RIGHT direction.
  • DivaGirl University:  an educational, inspirational and interactive 8-week course to train female entrepreneurs to be fabulous and successful in business… and life. Whether you are launching a new business, want to gain more sales and exposure for your venture or need to kick start an idea, this course and mentoring circle is for you, you gorgeous lassie.
  • How to Add Movement Throughout Your Day: Fitness should be part of your everyday life.  By being physically active, you reap the benefits of living a healthy, positive lifestyle.  Though being active seems like a chore for many, there are ways that you can easily incorporate “movement…” and make it fun!  Learn some techniques and tips on how you can move and groove throughout your day to stay healthy, alert and young!
  • How to Diva-fy Your Business!  8 Ways To Effectively Market Your Brand: Marketing plays a crucial role in building your brand and business.  Learn the tricks of the trade on how to be a successful marketing guru and spice up your branding techniques and process.  Generate revenue, create a customer following and have fun with marketing your business!
  • Living a Divalicious Lifestyle: To become a true “diva,” you must feel fabulous physically, socially and mentally. Learn what you can do on a daily basis to feel amazing on the inside and out… and how to have fun in the process. A open mind and a diva persona is required.
  • Making Money in Heels:  In Making Money in Heels, we talk about women and their relationship with money.  We discuss the importance of women taking leadership roles in their finance and being motivated to generate sustainable incomes.  We bring together experts in this field to create meaningful and educational discussions about money matters.
  • Risk-Taking- The Journey Towards Success: 
Are you playing it too safe and getting nowhere fast? Learn why risk taking is essential to achieving success and wealth.  Risk taking is an integral part of business and life, but so few people know how to manage it properly.  Learn about the risk process and tips on how you can leverage the “good” risk to lead to business growth and success… and when to play it safe.
  • Successful & Fabulous 101: we explore ten (10) ways every female entrepreneurs can be successful and fabulous in their business… and life.  You will be educated and inspired as we “walk” throughout a checklist that will have you “strutting” to success!  In this intensive workshop, you will learn how to: perfect your brand, attract the right clientale, be social media savvy, be a mastermind in time management, generate revenue and own the life you live… and rock it!
  • Tips on Making Your Workshop FUN: Let’s bring it back to when we were kids- when being active was fun!  Learn some tips on how to increase your energy levels throughout the day… while having fun in the process!  Who says “exercising” is not enjoyable?
  • Top Ten Tips For Bringing You Back to Wellness: Wellness incorporates elements of the mind, body and spirit.  By promoting wellness, you encourage a positive, healthy lifestyle and help to improve your life span.  Learn the top ten ways in which you can bring wellness, easily into your daily life.
  • Top Ten Tips When Starting Your Path Down Female Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business can seem like a daunting task.  However, if you are passionate about the thought, there are many benefits and rewards that you can reap by becoming an entrepreneur.  Learn the tried and proven top ten list, collaborated from various successful female entrepreneurs, on how to be successful on your path down female entrepreneurship.
  • Women Leadership & Empowerment

For more information about various sessions and descriptions, please contact Laura Furtado.