Building Leaders: What Others Are Saying About Our Leadership Program

For 2015, I set my theme for the year to be LEADERSHIP.  And that is what I focused on.  With my 2nd business, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, we have built to date 17 Canadian/USA leaders- and are on our way to do more.  Here is what our City Leaders are saying about the entrepreneurette program.


Sexy & Wealthy in Heels is truly a life changing opportunity. I have learned so much in the time I have spent with Laura. I really feel equipped to go out and conquer the world! This experience so far has been phenomenal! I am looking forward to changing lives and inspiring other women to their greatness.” Alicia Knox, City Leader Philadelphia, PA

“After attending my first Sexy & Wealthy in Heels event I was so impressed that I immediately signed up to be a member and less than a year later, I’m so excited to come on board as a City Leader Entrepreneurette! Laura Furtado has built an amazing community of inspirational women that I am constantly inspired by. Sexy & Wealthy in Heels is fantastic for any woman who is driven toward success but wants to have fun along the way. For me personally, it’s the perfect way to build my own platform as an entrepreneur and attract clients for my business, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded women who want to achieve great things.” Lisa Richards, City Leader, Toronto, ON

“Embarking on my entrepreneurial journey was a pretty daunting experience. As my idea shifted into being a real business, I found that I needed to add some more people to my circle to help me navigate this transition. Having a group of professional mentors and supporters has been the key to my success. I joined Sexy & Wealthy in Heels as a way to not only grow my own support system, but to extend all of the knowledge and experience I’ve incurred as a young, female entrepreneur. Working with Laura has been a lovely experience. She is very inspiring and I feel confident that my training as an Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader will not only make me a better mentor for the women in my community, but help me to refine my own business skills.” Zoey (Dash) McKenzie, City Leader, Toronto Beaches, ON

“I was honored to be presented with the opportunity to represent Sexy & Wealthy in Heels in my city of Calgary! The training was simple, everything I need is provided for me, Laura is AWESOME at responding to every question I have promptly and explaining in detail all I need to know. She truly cares about the success of the girls she is working with! Not only do I get to share my story and inspire other women to reach their goals…but I have the opportunity to grow my OWN success story! Thank you Laura!!!!” Vanessa former City Leader, Calgary, AB

“I’ve been seeking a more leveraged way to network and gain visibility in my business community to grow my clientele and the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader Entrepreneurette program has offered me the perfect vehicle to do so. I now have access to solid systems, training and support but most importantly, an already established, like-minded community and instant credibility through the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels brand. It feels awesome and really effortless to deliver the done-for-you, content rich seminars that take the guess work out of hosting a stellar event but what I love most is that I’m making a difference to other business owners while having a fabulous time along the way.” Tamika Auwai, City Leader, Mississauga, ON 

“Working as a City Leader with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, has been an amazing journey thus far. I can’ t wait to bring to the community the Fabulous Seminars and Events going into 2015..  Laura Furtado is a great mentor and very supportive.” Melanie Fry, City Leader, Oshawa, ON

“Since joining Sexy & Wealthy in Heels as a City Leader, I feel a lot more confident as an entrepreneur and as a leader. The monthly status calls are my favourite part. These monthly check-ins help me stay on my game and keep track of my monthly, seasonal, and annual goals. Additionally, they are also tailored to my specific needs and requirements which has resulted in a lot of personal growth in a short amount of time. This has been a great experience fine-tuning my business skills.” Sarah Weinrauch, City Leader, Scarborough, ON

“My experience as a City Leader with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels has been incredible. It has allowed me to connect with so many amazing and like-minded women. I love the energy that is shared at our events! I truly believe what we do is bringing women together to collaborate and create sustainable businesses. I look forward to building a strong Sexy & Wealthy in Heels community in Chicago and beyond!” Olivia Pelaez, City Leader, Chicago, IL

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